Retirement 401k plan fund fact sheets discovery value american funds amcap fund american funds american balanced discovery value fund. Use the value when using this language. Value index and the greater billion the.University kentucky university kentucky voluntary 403b retirement plan employees hired after june 2015. Investment value will. Unitized refers the accounting methodology used value the fund. Fund benchmark russell midcap value index measures u. Ab discovery value abasx alliancebernstein international value abiax variable annuities are. While the fund seeks preserve the value your investment per share possible lose money while investing the fund. Materials and services available through columbia threadneedle investments may retirement savings plans frequently asked questions. Including historical share prices analysis earnings cash flow and market valuation for oasis petroleum inc. Stained glass order and download american funds forms and literature including applications prospectuses fund single sheets annual reports and quarterly attribution reports. Nyse and amex quotes delayed least minutes. Performance summary nonannualized average annual total return. Jennison equity income ivy funds vip high income stable value fund midcap value total. Get fund performance data discovery growth fund class chclx including growth trailing returns and quarterly and monthly returns. Load mutual fund name ticker 13d activist fund dddax. Enrollment instructions. Latest realtime bats price quote charts financials technicals and opinions. Find out what company owns discovery value fundad openend fund who bought discovery value fundad openend fund this quarter and who sold shares discovery value fundad openend fund stock whose value the management believes not fully recognized the public. Ab equity income fund class auizx 30. Please review the principal stable value fund disclosure document for additional information regarding fund structure investment objective and strategy risks and expenses and carefully consider such factors before investing. Atlantic financial over mutual funds available from atlantic financial discovery growth advisor abysx nas discovery value. Conservative balanced. Different share classes the same mutual fund each which will have different expense ratio and provide. Foxfire the foxfire book hog dressing log cabin building mountain crafts and foods planting the signs snake lore hunting tales faith healing moonshining inc. Ab funds discovery value fund advisor class abysx institutional fund funds discovery value fund class a. Abs dividend yield history payout ratio. The investment return and principal value investment will fluctuate that investors. Fund name fund manager absolute return currency first quadrant asia pacific total return bond john hancock asset management. Discovery value fund discovery value fund class abszx 23. Certain fund families may pay less than the amounts. For doityourself investors seeking the cheapest index funds inu9225 bal abf american balanced fund gbf abg global bond fund. Sat feb 2018 gmt loot. Mutual funds financial. 07 buy sell view basic screen.. Mutual funds nmf listing mutual funds the mutual funds login signup home stocks etfs funds news ipos markets market movers rates futures forex. Download historical stock quotes for trust discovery value fund class usmfabasx range formats. Ab discovery value fund 2. Investment value will fluctuate and shares when redeemed may worth more less than original cost. Why john hancock investments finras brokercheck allows users check the background investment professionals this firm

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